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Vellore Gold Rate

Welcome to the Fort City of Tamil Nadu. Vellore has the blend of rich heritage and culture representing the ancient Dravidan civilisation. . The Web Site about brings you Vellore Gold Rate and Vellore Silver rate morning and evening updated

Today Gold / Silver Price

22 Carat 16-02-18 Rs.2928.00
24 Carat 16-02-18 Rs.3132.00
Silver (1gm) 16-02-18 Rs.41.70
Silver (1kg) 16-02-18 Rs.41700.00

Lowest Price in Last 30 Days arrow-down

22 Carat 08-02-18 Rs.2860.00
24 Carat 08-02-18 Rs.3059.00
Silver (1gm) 08-02-18 Rs.40.80
Silver (1kg) 08-02-18 Rs.40800.00

Highest Price in Last 30 Days arrow-up

22 Carat 25-01-18 Rs.2926.00
24 Carat 25-01-18 Rs.3129.00
Silver (1gm) 25-01-18 Rs.43.10
Silver (1kg) 25-01-18 Rs.43100.00